10/2 Basics: Continental Knitting workshop


10/2 Basics: Continental Knitting workshop


Knitting Basics: Continental Knitting

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

AM 10am-12pm or PM 6-8:00pm


Instructor: Shestin

If you “throw” when you knit, or knit in the “English” style, you might have wondered how those people who “pick” (aka Continental) do that! It looks so fast and efficient, but seems daunting to learn. Shestin will teach you just how easy it is to knit in the Continental style, especially if you have ever crocheted. It’s a very versatile technique, which can be used all on its own or in conjunction with English style. It’s also great to be able to switch techniques when you hands become weary, or when you’re doing colorwork.

This is a workshop to learn techniques. There is no specific project. Please bring scrap yarn and needles in an appropriate size for that yarn.

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